Tips and Techniques on How to Shuffle Cards

how to shuffle cards

There are many different and cool ways of shuffling cards that every poker enthusiast should know. Don’t always stick to that old, monotonous style year in year out.

Sometimes it’s fun to have a variety to your card shuffle while playing different card games.

Different card shuffling techniques are pretty simple to learn but are impressive enough to leave other players in the table envious. Both beginners and pro players need to learn how to shuffle cards in different ways. The good news is that there are a thousand ways to shuffle.

So, every day will be a learning day for new styles. Let’s dive straight to those amazing shuffling techniques.

Hands Riffle-Shuffle

If you want to shuffle cards like a magician then hands riffle-style is your style. The shuffling technique sounds so good anyone would like to try it to see how it feels. You can do it walking or standing and still experience no instances of cards being exposed.

For this technique, you need to split the deck into two halves. With both equal halves in your hands, you’ll bring the packets together and riffle up the sides with your thumbs. The corners of the cards will overlap as you do this, then push them into each other at the end.

Overhand Shuffle

Overhand style is a common style because many people prefer it. But just because many people use it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it.

The over hand technique is very effective when you are playng card games like Hand and Foot or Razz Poker.

To use the overhand technique, you need to have the deck face-down in one hand and the thumb of your other hand to peel the small packets off from the top part. They’ll fall one at a time in your other hand until you finish the entire deck.

If you perfect your skills in this shuffling technique, you will be able to do it so rapidly avoiding the exposure of any card in the process.

Classic Table Shuffle

If you choose to learn only one shuffling technique then ensure you choose the classic table shuffle.

Why this shuffle?

Classic table style portrays you out there like a pro. This is the method preferred by professional dealers out there and using it will make everyone believe that you know your way around poker table so well.

With this style, you need to split two half decks at the corners then square them into a neat one pack. You will gain optimum efficiency like most pros if you perform the action at least three times.

Hindu Shuffle

The Hindu looks more like an improvement from the traditional overhand style. It is another incredibly easy method but one of the best.

The technique is called Hindu style because it’s popular among Asian card players and dealers. To perform this style, you simply need to hold the deck with your middle finger and thumb slightly pinched in the long sides of the cards.

Grab tiny portions of the deck with your right hand closely cupped and placed under the deck. Go slowly at first to avoid picking too many cards at once.

Weave Shuffle

hindu shuffle

Weave shuffle is a very effective and organized way that is pretty easy to master. This is another widely used shuffle among professionals. If you desire to learn one of the highly advanced styles, then this is it.

To do the weave style, you need to split the deck into two and weave the edges in between each other. Once you’ve weaved a few of them into each other, form an arch by bending them then release pressure. All the cards will flow into the other hand and stack each other. It is as simple as that.

Other Shuffle Techniques

Apart from the well-known and perceived professional shuffles, there are also other techniques that even though they are not widely used, they can still make useful style.

These other shuffles are considered traditional and old school shuffles you probably learned when growing up. Talk of the granny style, given the name to describe it as a primitive way of shuffling involving laying down the cards face down in the table forming some rather messy stack.

You then wash them together randomly with your hands. While this may not appear professional, it is still a good technique you can try out.

Another primitive shuffling technique but extremely effective is the pile shuffle. The methods involve dealing with deck one card in different piles randomly. You then compile all the piles together.

False style is another sleight technique you need to learn. The method happens when the deck appears as if it’s being shuffled but retains the original order. You must understand that there is no complete list of shuffles out there because different people have the preferred techniques that work better for them.

However, if you want to improve your skills, you need to learn different methods and use them interchangeably.


What is the most effective way to shuffle cards?

Hands Riffle-style or the Overhand style are two very effective card shuffles.

How do you shuffle cards in a cool way?

Try the Weave style or the Hindy style to make it look more professional.

How many times should you shuffle cards?

There is no exact measure for how many times you need to shuffle the cards.
Some guidelines is that two decks should be shuffled nine times and six decks should be shuffled 12 times.

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